Cosmetic Dentistry

We all want to be beautiful and know that our smile is the cornerstone of it. Dr. Henderson is excellent at designing and tailoring the treatment options of cosmetic dentistry to help you create that beautiful smile. Every patient is unique and every dental treatment must be designed accordingly. Dr. Henderson and his team love to make patients happy and meet their goals.

  • Whitening — We all want white teeth! However, most of what we eat and drink tries to darken our teeth with time. Whitening technology has advanced greatly in recent years and we are proud to offer Kör Teeth Whitening. This system is the best dentistry has to offer and we have achieved excellent results using it in our office. Age 14 is often considered the ideal age to whiten because all the adult teeth have erupted but not yet taken up much stain. On the other hand, Kör Teeth Whitening is so effective we can treat the ideal 14-year-old as well as adults and seniors. 
Whitening before


Note the original shade is A3.

Whitening after


Note the improvement compared to the original A3 shade.

  • Bonding Composite Fillings ― Dental fillings are placed where decay has eaten a hole in a tooth. In recent years filling materials have been substantially improved by many technological advancements. Although silver amalgam was the dominant choice years ago, today we have tooth-colored composite restorations that are far more beautiful than ever before and are strong enough to handle great chewing forces. We can even use these fillings to bond to need that need contouring to enhance their facial symmetry and beauty. 

  • Cosmetic Contouring — Our eyes are trained to see symmetry even when we don't realize it. Symmetrical smiles are associated with beauty. However, some teeth are not shaped in an ideal way and need to be corrected. For minimal corrections, like sharp edges or bulky asymmetries, often we can gently contour the enamel to reach the desired shape. This non-invasive process is both quick and painless without anesthesia. 
  • Veneers & Crowns — Sometimes teeth need more treatment than bonding or cosmetic contouring can achieve. This is why we offer porcelain veneers and crowns. The porcelain technology has improved so much recently that we can make restorations that are both beautiful to admire and strong to last.